Ways To Build Natural Backlinks and Escape

Backlinks is indeed the Backbone of any website or blog; without backlinks pointing to your website, it will be very difficult for your blog to survive. due to the importance of, webmasters and so-called SEO gurus have devised various ways of building backlinks that will make their website rank higher than other sites in search engine result pages.

Some have employed unethical methods (black-hat SEO) while some have been engaging in the mixture of both Ethical and unethical methods (grey, purple, blue, bla bla bla SEO). But unfortunately, the search engine giant, Google, released an update to their search algorithm that kicked those websites that manipulate SERP’s in the BUTT.

Building Backlinks to your blog is not that really difficult, you just need to be smart and determined. Though there are “shortcuts” that are being advocated all over the Internet, but it will surely lead to “cut short” on the long run.

If you were affected by the last Google Penguin Update, I will recommend you read this post- Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips & Advice published at Search engine land.

For those looking to build backlinks the natural way so as to keep their blogs safe from possible punishment, here are 5 Fantastic Ways to Build Natural Backlinks.

1.Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is indeed the foremost and best way of building backlinks to your site. Usually when you drop a guest post on a blog, you will be allowed at least two links pointing back to your website in your author bio; theses links are the one of the easiest and safest back links you can ever have pointing to your blog.

Guest posting is not that a difficult task, it simply involves you writing a quality article that you know will be worth publishing on another blog, after writing your article, you should look for a suitable blog in your niche and send the blog owner a mail or visiting the blogs guest posting page. To know more about Guest blogging, I recommend that you read the Guest blogging guide at youngprepro.

2.Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has been my favorite method of link building. When I started this blog, the major link building technique I employed was blog commenting and I was able to get a Google PageRank of 2 for this blog within 8 months with just blog commenting.

Blog commenting is a very easy way to build back links, but it requires time and patience. Time in the sense that you need to be visiting blogs mostly in your niche on a regular basis to drop a comment, and patience in the sense that you will need to take your time to read the article on these blogs before dropping your comment.

When using blog commenting for link building, you should avoid shallow comments like “GREAT POST”, “NICE ARTICLE” and “NICE BLOG”. These types of comment will usually end up in the trash folder and in turn result to waste of time and energy on your path. To know more about blog commenting, I recommend that you read this post- The Benefits and Power of Blog Commenting

3.Article Marketing/Submission

Article submission is an ancient method of link building on the internet; links from article directories are high quality links which every blogger should crave for. Building back links from article submission is quite straight forward, all you have to do is to write your articles and publish them on top rated article directories (like Ezinearticles and Goarticles) with a link back to your blog in the Author byline.

Apart from the link benefit you get from article marketing, you can also get loads of traffic too. So it’s just like killing two birds with one stone. I recommend you read this post- Article Marketing: Get Free Traffic and Make Your Blog Rank Higher

4.Forum Marketing

Forums boards are indeed a great place to build back links and traffic to your site. Most forum boards have a provision for a forum signature under your forum profile where you can enter a short text and links to your desired websites.

You should take advantage of this forum signature feature to build backlinks to your site, apart from the forum signature, you can also drop your blog links to articles that solve a fellow forum members problem but don’t you over do this, so that you will not be labeled a spammer.

There are lots of forum boards online; you can search for them on Google using your Niche keywords. Something like “Niche+forum”.

5.Mini eBooks

Mini eBooks are also a great way to build links to your blog, I call them mini eBooks because they are mini “small” usually two to three pages. You can create hundreds of mini eBooks my converting your existing blog post into a .PDF format and uploading it to various eBook Sharing Platforms like docstoc, pdfcast, scribd, and myplick.

If you don’t know, Google and other search engines usually index links that are found within eBooks, so make sure you let your blog link appear in the PDF eBook like 2-3 times. If you don’t have any idea about creating an eBook, I recommend that you read my Ultimate Guide to Writing Your First eBook.

These are Five White Hat and Ethical Methods of building backlinks to your blog, these methods are safe and if you are using them, you don’t need to be afraid of any Google update being it Penguin, Panda, Parrot or whatever they may name it.

Do you have any other White Hat Link building Techniques, Let us here about it in the Comment section.

Author: matthewtuck