Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Bloggers

Blogging is that phenomenon that internet users clamored after once they figured out it was a social, cyberspace carved out especially for them. Now they could pretty much put up whatever they like about themselves, their thoughts, call the place their own (their own blog site after all and not some host website) and receive some form of validation.

But mostly, it seems bloggers are those people that are everywhere. Like literally. You will find them posting on every forum, every social website, and every comment space for others people’s blogs and you will wonder why they don’t just get their own place of rant-someness and get over it.

Well in most likelihood these people already have blogs. In actuality, they are writers dying to get their words across no matter where it is. If you so happen to be guilty of being one such individual, worry not, there are many tech related solutions to help your anxiety and to smooth out your writing jitters.

It all starts with owning an Android. A Smartphone is handy wherever you go and owning one that gives you access to over 400,000 apps is definitely the place to start if you wish to have your say on large and meaningful platforms.

The drawback is that since Android is always open to cell phone monitoring and Android spyware attack; you must take security precautions if you wish to keep your writings at utmost confidentiality.

That being said, there are tons of great apps that you can find useful as a writer/blogger and here are the top 5 handpicked out for you to start with.

  1. WordPress – Without a doubt this app takes the cake. One of the best things about it is that it is free on Google Play. Using this app, writers can keep track of their WordPress blogs and access directly from their Smartphone. This App allows users to check their admin panel as well as upload blog posts.
  1. Hoot Suite – This is another app which can be downloaded for free and is a great help to all the writers and potential bloggers. With this, users can manage all their social networks in one place. Now you no longer have to install individual apps for each social site and hence can share ideas, links, and thoughts on a synchronized level while working on your blog—or can share your blog posts as a single update.
  1. Google Reader – This app is essential for writers and bloggers since they need to be constantly reading as well as just writing. Google Reader app on your Android phone can be a great help since it allows you to read multiple blogs from one single place. Not to mention what a headache it would be to check updates individually. It’s definitely a tool worth having.
  1. Google Analytics – When you are blogging, you definitely want people to read your magical mind matter, but to be sure of exactly how many are reading what, it’s a good idea to get the Google Analytics app. With this app you can check blog stats, number of page views, visitor locations, and traffic sources and so on. In other words, check out your ratings yourself.

5. Writer – Of course, a blogger means that you put aside your notes, your stat mode, your social networking pals, and get down to writing. For that, the app Writer is a big help since it is essentially your notebook in your Android. With this app you can write drafts and copy paste them at later times, regardless of internet or not.

Author: matthewtuck