Start SEO Tips For Newbies

SEO is important to the success of any website. If a site is not properly ranked, then it runs the risk of losing out on a significant share of online revenue. As a matter of fact, an improperly ranked site may not make any money at all because it cannot be found. If you have just built your own website and do not know the first thing to do to get a good ranking in the search engines, you will find the below three SEO tips for newbies to be of great help to you.

  1. Make sure your content is of outstanding quality.

In order to ensure that your content is of high quality, it needs to be well written, useful to readers and relevant to search engine results. If your content does not fall in all three of these categories, then you will receive the cold shoulder from the search engines. Content is high quality when:

  1. The content is free of mistakes of any kind and is engaging and interesting.
  2. The content is not stuffed with keywords.
  3. Fresh content is provided on a regular basis, like on a blog.

If your content meets these three criteria, then it is fit to be published on the web for all to see.

  1. Keep keyword density between two to five percent.

If you toss keywords all over your site like confetti, then your site will be punished by the search engines. Search engines frown on webmasters who use keyword stuffing as a means of increasing their rank, thus they will decrease the ranking of any site where this occurs.

It is recommended that you use your keywords wisely, make sure all keywords are relevant to the content and keep your keyword density between two and five percent. If you are not sure which keywords will best help your cause, use a reputable keyword research tool, like WordTracker, to find the best keywords.

  1. Acquire a lot of incoming links.

Search engines like reputable websites, and one way to establish a website as reputable is to have a lot of links coming to it. Some ways to obtain backlinks in a reputable way is to publish articles to article directories with links in the bio that lead back to your site, post answers to Yahoo Answers with your URL in the resource box and guest host on others’ blogs that are relevant to your content.

Do not resort to using link farms or spam links all over the Internet. These practices are severely frowned upon, and the search engines will severely punish you by knocking your site’s ranking down.

If you apply these three SEO tips for newbies, you will be on the path to success. You will begin to see visitors come to your site, and your ranking will increase. Before you know it you will be at number one. It will take some work to get there, but a top ranking is worth it because you will experience a dramatic increase in sales.

Author: matthewtuck