Phoenix Update to Bing Webmaster Tools for SEO

Recently, Bing has announced a fresh update on its webmaster tools that help in providing new perspectives about the traffic that is generated or flowing into the sites. This new update is called “Phoenix” and tools include Link Explorer and SEO Analyzer/SEO Reports. Updates were also made to the current tools like Keyword Research Tool and URL Removal Tool.

SEO Services UK, the webmaster experts, updated themselves with Bing’s Phoenix to analyse the site rankings and to generate the reports which helps to identify where the page is lacking and how to improve the rankings of the site. The new features of Bing assist with website analysis, keyword research and search engine compliance.

Link Explorer: this feature assists the users in obtaining the list of all sites pointing to a specific domain. List of internal links can also be produced through setting changes. Bing’s webmaster tools also allow SEO professionals to see which link is pointing to a specific domain.

SEO Reports: This tool helps us in getting SEO reports directly from Bing. It uses and scans SEO optimisation elements and if the site is having any issues related to best SEO practices then Bing will display them in the reporting section. The Bing webmaster will also give some Best SEO suggestions to increase the traffic to the site.

SEO Analyser: Similar to the SEO reports tool. It offers tuned analysis on a URL-by-URL basis. This feature allows us to check each page to get a better understanding of additional optimisation strategies. The outcomes of the scan papers appear on the left hand side of the screen, web page data as a preview on the right hand side of the screen and problem will be highlighted as soon as you enter the URL which you want to check.

Fetch as Bingbot: this tool is similar to Googlebot from Google webmaster tools. This provides the SEO professionals with a better understanding of the search engine’s view of website. It also provides the user’s view and indicates whether the search engine is reading the page or not.

URL Removal Tool: This tool provides the webmaster with the option to block the page from being read by the search engine. The block is temporary and lasts in 90 days. Meanwhile the owner can renew the page.

Keyword Research Tool: this enables the users to research for multiple keywords or phrases simultaneously. And this also allows the user to select multiple countries for single language.

Author: matthewtuck