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Most of Android Phone users have installed a lot of apps and games on their phones, but this can reduce the speed and performance of Android Phones. There is a lot of apps to increase speed of android phone but each app has their own functions and features.

Iobit has recently launched Advanced Mobile Care for Android Phones. Iobit has launched many software’s for PC in past time and they are very useful to increase speed and performance of PC.

Now they have launched Advanced Mobile Care for Android Phones which is based on Tuning software for PC Advanced System Care.. Advanced Mobile Care has many features that are used to increase performance of Android Phone.

Advanced Mobile Care is very useful app which helps to increase performance of Android Phones by using tools. It is all in one app having all the tools to save battery, clean memory, antivirus and privacy protection. You can also manage apps on your Android Phone with this app

This is all in one system app for Android and you will get many features which can increase performance of Android phones. It provides many features like Antivirus, Malware Removal, Privacy protection, Game Booster, Performance Booster, system cleaner, Battery Saver and many other features which will surely increase the performance of Android Phone.

You will get all these features in one app.

About Advanced Mobile Care For Android

Advanced Mobile care is launched by Iobit Developers who has launched many apps for PC to increase Performance and for other usage. This app has many extra features which are useful to increase the performance of Android Phones and to keep your mobile safe from any malicious app.

It has Malware remover function which will remove all types of malware from the phone and clean memory of android phone and other junk files, which helps to increase performance of android phone with a single touch. It has very clean and sleek design which will help you to use any function without any problem.

Features of Advance Mobile care

Advanced Mobile Care for Android has many features to increase performance of android phone so that you can use your mobile safely and without any problem. Check detail of its features below.

  1. Mobile Antivirus– This is the best and must to use tool for your android phone, because it will help you to remove all types of virus from your phone and keep your files safe from any type of damage.

It works same as the Another Antivirus for Android Phones does. With this tool you will get protection from Malware which attacks your phone when you download any app and it protects your phone from Viruses, Trojan Horses and Worms.

  1. System Tune Up- This tool will helps you to increase performance of Android Phone by cleaning memory, cache files and junk files which are used by many other apps and when you used the Internet. By deleting files and cleaning memory your device will get more memory to run apps smoothly and fast.
  1. Game Booster- If you play a lot of games on your Android Phone then this tool will also help you by boosting your games and increasing performance of the Games. By using this tool you can play games smoothly, because this will help to boost games by making some changes.
  1. Battery Saver- This tool will help you to save to your battery on your Android Phone, It has three different- different mod which helps you to save battery. It will also show which apps use most battery power.
  1. App Manager- If you have installed many apps then this tool will helps you to manage apps in a single place. With this tool you can uninstall apps or transfer apps to your memory card. You can also uninstall apps by sorting them by name, size or by using frequency which helps you to identify unused apps.
  1. Task killer- With this tool you can kill any app with a single click to Save memory and battery of your phone.
  1. Privacy Locker- This tool is very useful to secure your data. With this tool you can Hide, Lock your data with Password. By using this tool you protect your Photos, Videos and files from anyone and keep them safe.
  1. Widget- This app also has a widget which helps you to scan your data directly from your Home Screen. This widget is very useful for Quick Scanning.

This app is very useful having all the above features that will surely increase the performance of Android Phone. By having the extra features like Privacy Locker and Game Booster is becoming more useful and effective.

This app does work of many other apps by having the features like Antivirus for Android, Saving Battery is boosting games for smooth play.

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Author: matthewtuck