Blog Sidebar Must Have

A blog sidebar is a very important section of a blog’s layout, knowing what to put and what not to put on a blog’s sidebar may be a little confusing.

Generally, a blog is supposed to be clean, neat and free of so many gadgets, this will not only make your blog look professional, but it will also improve the user experience of your blog.

I often contemplate a lot about what should be on a blog’s sidebar. As regard this, I visited so many blogs to see what their blog sidebar looks like and also what I usually feel I should find on their blog sidebar.

If you have just started a blog or you have already been in the blogging biz, you may have also at one time or the other thought about how your blog sidebar should look like. If you have had this kind of thought, am glad to tell you this post for you.

I will be sharing with you 4 important widgets your Blog sidebar must have. Here are they:

  1. The subscription Box.

A subscription box should be the first thing that appears on your blog’s sidebar. Most people tend to look at the very top of a webpage, so placing your subscription box at the very top of your blog sidebar helps increase your subscription rate.

As a blogger or an internet marketer, you probably should know the importance of having subscribers list and if you don’t, you should do a digging about that.

  1. The Search Box.

The search box is also a very important widget that every blog sidebar must have. I cannot recall how many times I have used a search box on blogs that I have visited.

A search box is the next resort for blog visitors that can’t find what they are looking for on their current landing page. Providing a search box at your sidebar makes it easy for your visitors or readers to quickly find what they are looking for.

Try to position the search box towards the top of your sidebar, but not necessarily above your subscription box.

  1. Social Media Widget

A social media widget is also very important, a social media widget gives your visitors and readers the opportunity to connect with you and also stay updated about your recent posts and activities going on your blog. Some people even prefer following a blog on social Medias, than subscribing to their feeds or e-mail list. So if you don’t have a social media widget, make sure you go get one.

  1. Recent Posts Widget.

Having a recent post widget on your blog sidebar makes it easy for your visitors or readers to have access to the latest posts on your blog.

When visitors are referred by search engines, and they land on an internal page of your blog; after reading the article they came for, the next thing that comes to their mind is to view your latest posts or articles.

They will want to know the new thing you are talking about, so having a recent post widget will help them to easily navigate to your recent posts and it will also make them stay longer on your blog.

So here are the four Important Sidebar Widgets you should put on your blog sidebar today, all other widgets are basically supplements.

Author: matthewtuck