Article Marketing: Why Writing Carelessly Can Lead to Failure

Your article loses effectiveness when you write carelessly. In other words, you won’t be able to engage your reader or make a sale with your article if your writing is careless. You may ask about the meaning of careless writing. In this article, you’ll understand why writing carelessly can lead to failure in your article marketing.

Writing carelessly means lack of understanding

Understanding your prospect is important to make your article flows naturally in your prospect’s mind. Without understanding, people who read your article won’t cling a bit to your offer. You have to understand about the problem inside your prospect’s head if you want to lead him into your offer with your article.

Understanding is important to enter your prospect’s mind

With understanding, you will be able to enter your prospect’s mind and follow his natural thought pattern. It means that with understanding, you will be able to persuade your prospect better. Think about the time when you talk about your problem to your friend. Your decision to follow your friend’s advice will depend on his understanding about your problem. The more he understands, the more valid his suggestion will be. Thus, when your friend understands about your problem, and he begins to give you some suggestions, you will likely to follow his advice.

You can only persuade when you’re on your prospect’s mind

By naturally following your prospect’s thought pattern, you will be able to lead him more easily toward your desired goal. When writing your article, try to think about how your prospect thinks about his problem. For instance, if your prospect wants to lose his weight badly, you have to understand his emotions and thought patterns. What is the trigger that will make him to follow your advice? That’s why, before you write your article, make sure to enter your prospect’s mind and think about the best persuasion method that you should write based on his emotions and thought patterns.

Persuasion is required to generate sales

It is important to know that without persuasion, your article is just like regular piece of information. Regular piece of information will only inform, not persuade. You need to know that by writing only informative article without persuasion, it means that you’re making your article to function as regular news or newspaper-like articles. Remember that article marketing is about giving enough persuasion to your reader, and it is required to generate sales from your article.

In order to generate sales with your article, it is important to write with care

Since you can’t generate sales if you don’t include persuasion in your article, and you can’t be persuasive without understanding your prospect, and you can’t understand your prospect by writing carelessly, it is important for you to write with care. Think of your writing like “solution letter” you send to your friend. The message should generally read: “Friend, I understand about your concern. I have a solution for your problem.” By showing your care, you’re positioning yourself as friend instead of salesperson.

In summary, writing with care can make your article more effective. And by writing your article with care, you will be able to generate sales from your article. Thus, you will be able to avoid failure in your article marketing.

Author: matthewtuck