A Few Simple Concepts of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has proven itself to be an effective link building method especially for me. It helps you to get quick and Quality backlinks to your blog. Most bloggers have been underestimating the power of blog commenting but I want to advise today that you should not underestimate blog commenting again.

I never knew the power of blog until I started using it and I can authoritatively say it that blog commenting helped me to get PR 2 for this blog.

There are lots of advantages you will derive from blog commenting, but I will mention only three in this article because I believe this is the most important ones.

Link Building / Backlinks

Backlinks is one of the major benefits of blog commenting. You should know that when you leave comments on Blogs and websites there is usually a box to but your web address, when you drop your blog address in this blog it will automatically be linked to your name thus making your name clickable.

After submitting your comment and your comment is approved, you will surely get a link juice from such blog especially if it?s a ?DOFOLLOW Blog?. Here is a link to a post on 51 Do follow Blogs you can comment on.

Networking / Relationship

Blog commenting helps you in developing good relationship with other bloggers in your niche. I have known the likes of Stella Anokam and Shiva Chettri through blog commenting.

Bloggers really appreciate comments on their blog and they love it when you drop a reasonable comment on your visit.

Through blog commenting you will meet lots of other folks in your niche. There was a day I dropped a comment on a blog and I got four new twitter followers within some few minutes of commenting on that blog, the number of the twitter followers may not be much but I think every little figure counts.


Another great advantage of blog commenting is traffic. When you leave value-adding comments on other Blogs, it encourages the readers of this blog to check out your blog. In most cases, the authors of such Blogs are most likely to pay you a return visit.

The amount of traffic you get from blog commenting depends mostly on the readership base of the blog you are commenting on.

Blog commenting can be a source of moderate traffic for your blog as long as you keep on leaving valuable comment on other Blogs.

Here are Tips for maximizing the power of blog commenting

  1. It is ideal to always drop your name in the name box when leaving a comment, avoid using keywords except on Blogs like mine that uses the keyword plug-in.
  1. Always leave a value-adding comment. Do your best to avoid comments like “Great Post” or “Nice Article” these Phrases will give you nothing much from the comment.
  1. Don’t drop links in your comments, except only if it adds value to the topic being discussed.
  1. Try to be the first commentator on a post; this will get you noticed by other readers.
  1. Think and take your time before dropping a comment.

Author: matthewtuck