7 Effective Ways To Increase your Google Page Rank

As a blogger or webmaster, you probably have heard of Google page rank and you may be wondering if there is a way you can improve your pagerank, the answer is YES. I have discovered that PageRank depends mostly on backlinks, especially one-way backlinks from top ranking sites in your niche. If you really want to improve your blog page rank, you need to be ready to build some links for your blog.

Some sites usually get lucky when it comes to pagerank, in fact, a 8 weeks forum (Ninjas Forum) I started got PR 1 in the last update on Nov. 8 2012 without promotion or even posting there regularly. If you want to increase your Google PageRank, there is no need to worry again because here are 7 Effective Ways To Increase your Google Page Rank. I believe these tips can help you get a good PR.

  1. Use Meta Keyword Tags

Meta tags do have effect on your blog especially the meta keyword tags. if you want to boost your page rank insert the meta keyword tags into your index.php file, between the opening and closing head tag. (i.e. between <head> and </head> and). You can do this with the help of a SEO Plugin.

Note: Make sure you use only tags that are relevant to your blog niche.

  1. Link to other people

search engines, especially Google love sites that link out. when you link out it shows you are not selfish and it also depicts you are giving out quality information and I guess Google likes unselfish Peeps.

So start linking out

  1. Entice Google

Google too wants traffic and referral, they need traffic as we all do. so make sure you include a link to Google and their sub-pages on your blog. it may be a link to Google Analytics or a link to Google adsense. just link to them whenever you have the opportunity.

  1. Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks from authoritative Blogs and sites in your niche can super-charge your Google page rank. so try as much as possible to get backlinks from high ranking sites in your niche, but try to avoid backlinks from irrelevant site like a plague.

  1. Avoid Link Spamming

Link spamming am talking about here simply means acquiring both relevant and irrelevant backlinks for your blog. If you are writing about music, its bad SEO to be getting backlinks from Health Blogs/sites and vice versa. Google frowns at link spamming and it can even lead to blacklisting your blog.

  1. Write Great Articles

When you write great articles on your blog, people will love to link to it (especially high-quality sites) and even bookmark it on social networking sites.

Write quality and informative articles for guest posts on other Blogs and also write great articles for blog directories, this will increase the number of quality backlinks you get to your blog.

  1. Create Original Content

Creating original content for your blog is very important if you want to increase your Google page rank and I can say most of the tips mentioned here rely on this particular factor. at no point in time should you copy and Paste content from another site or article directory always try your possible best to re-write them. Copying of content can lead to the downgrading of your current page rank.

I believe this Tips should work for you. Do you have any other tips? Kindly share it in the comment section.

Author: matthewtuck