5 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

A computer responds to all the human orders and resembles as another human in performance, except in its speed of reaction. When it comes to the maintenance of the computer, there are several points to consider having the best use of it.

Along with rapid increase in the technology, its maintenance has also become challenging, to synchronize its software updates along with hardware upgrade. The 5-point formula for a common man to follow to maintain your computer respond to your orders as fast as a human being is:

Maintain Synchronization between Hardware and Software

It is always suggested to cross-check the software before installing onto your computer, so as to check if it really suits your hardware. Some people always keep on upgrading and installing the software, without checking its compatibility with hardware. This may lead to severe hardware issues and may crash your computer. This can be avoided by

Double-checking the compatibility of software before installing/ upgrading.

  • Make sure to install/ upgrade the software, only if it is useful and worth.
  • Diagnosing the impact of installation on the hardware performance.
  • Always avoid unwanted content from your computer
  • Don’t just keep on dumping your computer with unwanted content. Mostly ignored part of computer is your download folder. Don’t forget to keep your downloads clean by removing unwanted stuff and moving needed content to respective locations.

Some important checkpoints to avoid this are:

  • Don’t make desktop as your default download location
  • Turn off your internet if you are not using it
  • Maintain user profiles and keep tab on the content in your computer
  • Maintain file system to save files in respective location, so as to backup or recover the data in unexpected situations
  • Regularly Back up important data
  • Regularly clean up your systems, browsers and run fragmentation processes
  • Keep enough free space

Keep enough space in the disks for processing. Some important ways to maintain enough free space in the disks are:

  • Clear Cache regularly in all browsers
  • Empty your Recycle bin
  • Clear unwanted data in clipboard
  • Quit unused and avoid slow responding applications
  • Scan your computer regularly
  • Avoid using too many applications at once, as the processor needs to respond to all applications
  • Regular maintenance
  • Maintenance of the computer involves addressing both hardware and software issues. Most of the cases especially at homes the PC maintenance is given poor importance. But it is always recommended to consult expertise for regular maintenance. Even with little technical knowledge is also enough to perform such checks.

Taking few steps can do such maintenance:

  • Keeping computer in dust free place
  • Avoiding computer to expose to heat
  • Performing software upgrades and updates
  • Scanning the computer for viruses and worms
  • Updating device drivers for optimal performance
  • Avoid piracy and duplicates
  • Pirated software doesn’t just kill the application performance but also affects the performance of the system hardware. In the same way it is always suggested to use good quality and branded hardware instead of going for duplicates. Often the duplicates affect the other associated hardware like motherboard and may even cause short circuits. Some harms caused by pirated software and duplicate hardware are
  • Software updates are not possible
  • Version upgrades are not possible
  • Difficult to avoid viruses, spyware etc and shows impact on other software as well
  • Information and Data security
  • Duplicate hardware are unwarranted
  • They may cause short-circuits
  • They come with poor quality

Use of duplicates makes insurance and warranty invalid

These are the five simple ways, even a non-technical guy could understand and implement. They look simple but help in maintaining your computer performance optimal. These are simple ways to make your processor perform with optimal speed.

Author: matthewtuck