4 Bitter Truths You Need To Know About Blogging

Blogging has been the rave of the internet in recent years and there have been influx of people into blogging on a daily basis, resulting in the creation of millions of blogs every month. Most people venture into blogging just because of its earning potential and various sweet stories of blogging putting some bucks of dollars into some people’s pocket.

Unfortunately, because some people are into blogging because of the money, they end up quitting blogging in a short while because they got tired and fed up or because they failed to make money as soon as they envisage.

If you want to start blogging, or you already started blogging, there are some bitter truths about blogging that you need to know, you need to sink down these truths into your brain and nerves if you want to become a successful blogger.

  1. Blogging Is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

The first and foremost bitter truth about blogging is that it is not a “get rich quick scheme” and Blogging will never become a get rich quick scheme. Over some few months now, I have met and seen some bloggers selling and giving up on their blogs just because the blog has unrepentantly refuse to make them money or turn them into an overnight millionaire.

They quitted because they started blogging with the mindset of making money within 3-5 months of blogging, but unfortunately for them, the reverse was the case with their blogs. They discovered that after their speculated time, they are making little to no income from their blog and they get frustrated and quit blogging.

It is absolutely possible to make money blogging, In fact, lots of people are making money blogging but they did not start making money overnight. If you doubt this, you should take your time to research some of these A-list bloggers, look at the year they started blogging, research the year they became an authority and the year they started making money from their blogs.

From My own personal study, I have discovered that it takes at least 12-18 months of hard work before you can actually start making a reasonable income from your blog. I want you to take note of the word “HARDWORK”; you need to work hard for at least 12 months before you record great success with your blog.

If you have this orientation, I believe you won’t shut down your blog in 6 months because it has refused to fill your bank account with cash. So, don’t allow anyone to fool you, “Blogging is not a get rich Quick Scheme or business” rather it is a business that grows gradually and may eventually turn into a passive income for you.

  1. Blogging Is Not For Lazy People.

Blogging is not for lazy people, I repeat “Blogging is not for Lazy People”. If you have been reading various success stories of successful bloggers, you should have known that they became successful as a result hard work and sleepless nights.

They were busy researching, writing, and editing while their friends, colleagues or classmates were busy sleeping or watching movies. If you can’t endure sleepless nights, am sorry blogging may not be for you. A blogger has to be up and doing, you have to sacrifice your sleeping time; you have to learn to manage your time and also work hard to make your blog survive.

For instance, it is exactly 9.35 pm here as at the time that I am writing this line in this post and I still have two more points to write on. I am busy writing this post not because I don’t have any other thing to do (in fact, I should be watching a movie now) but I decided to skip the movie and sacrifice my time to write a post for my blog.

These are the type of day to day situation that you will find yourself as a blogger, it will now be up to you to choose either to become lazy (watching movies) or to pick your writing gear and computer and start working on your next awesome blog post.

So, if you are the lazy type, am so sorry, blogging may not be for you.

  1. Blogging Means Creating Content

Blogging means creating content, content means writing, and writing means hard work. I won’t lie to you, writing is not all that easy, but it is not a rocket science and it is surely fun when you get used to it; Go ask Onibalusi Bamidele, John Morrow, Danny Iny or Jane Sheeba if it’s a lie.

You need to know that blogging is all about creating compelling and satisfying content for your readers. As a blogger, you first and foremost task it writing, so it will be a bit difficult for you to succeed if you don’t love writing or not will to learn the art of writing Good copies.

Whether you like it or not, content is the life of a blog, without content, you don’t have a blog. People come to your blog simply because they want to read your post with the mindset of learning one or two things or get entertained. The moment you refuse to give your readers what they want, you blog is already going down the Drain.

So, if you don’t know before, you know that “Content is the life of a blog”. If you can’t create content, you can outsource your content creation to freelance writers, but the only problem with this is that your content will lack your personality and personal experience.

  1. Blogging Is Not About You

Yes, Blogging is not about you, except if you own a personal blog where you just talk about yourself and your favorite things. If you are not running a personal blog, you need to put a certain limit to your personal stories that you share on your blog.

Am not saying you should not share your personal experience with your readers, but make sure you share only that personal experience that adds value, inspiration and enthusiasm to your blog readers. No one wants to be reading a post on your favorite color of shirts (will all have our favorite colors) rather share experience that adds value to them.

They want to learn from you or get entertained, so give it to them. Focus your attention on what your readers really want and stop giving them unnecessary articles.

Your readers are like customers and they are very important if you want to build a successful blog, so you need to satisfy them by giving them what they want. You should know that the key to a customer’s (Readers) Heart is Satisfaction.

If they get satisfied each time they come to your blog, they will surely come back for more and eventually become loyal readers and subscribers.

Author: matthewtuck