10 Google+ Tips to Get You Started

So, we all know that Google is top dog on the world wide web – and in the world of blogging, this is no exception. Since Google+ has been rolled out, many bloggers have been slowly making their way over to the new social media platform. It’s important that you include Google+ in your marketing efforts, as the search engine may greatly reward you for doing so.

Here are 10 quick tips that will get your started with Google+!

1. Take care to fill out your profile – completely and honestly! Include URLs for your blogs as well as any you contribute to on a regular basis. This helps you set up your Google Authorship (more on that below). Add the profile picture you use on Facebook and Twitter so that it becomes streamlined across the Internet.

2. Be engaging and helpful. This should be a given on any social media network, but Google+ thrives off its members sharing helpful information or articles. Be sure to use the +1 button when you see statuses you like or agree with. Becoming a good source of info will help increase your following on Google+.

3. Share tips and advice directly to Google+. This network isn’t Twitter so you aren’t limited in characters. Your information, if it’s good, will be shared and +1’ed, which will only help your stance with Google.

4. Create circles to keep your friends organized. Similar to Twitter lists, circles will allow you to see certain people’s updates. I have different circles for my favorite sites, bloggers, local bloggers, marketers, and writers. This helps me see what I want to read, when I want to read it.

5. Set yourself up as an author on Google+. The new Google Authorship allows you to tell the search engine that YOU are the writer of your blog and any other articles you have online. This helps your blog posts rank higher in the search engines for the keywords you are targeting. It can also get your little mug beneath the link, like this…

6. Set up a Google+ page for your blog. This is basically like Facebook fan pages and it gives you a dedicated spot on Google+ for your blog posts and other updates.

7. Include Google+ buttons on your site. Make sure that each blog post has a button to quickly share it on Google+. Also, have your page or profile button in your blog’s sidebar.

8. Share your blog posts to Google+ as soon as they are live. You can change which thumbnail is showed with the link, so be sure to choose the best in order to get the most exposure.

9. Mix up your personal shares with sharing other people’s stuff. Avoid using Google+ just for self-serving purposes – this is a community about sharing and helping others, not just yourself. Share fellow blogger’s posts that are within your niche (and be sure to tag them!), and you will notice that they will begin to do the same.

10. Check out the Communities on Google+. Similar to Facebook groups, these will help you find like-minded people that you can connect and network with. If you’re a natural born leader, don’t be afraid to being your own community!

Author: matthewtuck